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Motor Driver Board Rev 2 Update History (Updated December 9, 2019)

2.08 (12/09/19) Initial Public Release, Premium Board as well as a Standard Board with only 2 cat5 inputs and no Aux outputs
2.07c (10/18/19) 
Release Candidate for Beta Testing, reduced to 3 cat5 inputs
2.07b (10/08/19) Separated the shaker motor and wire harness connection, changed wire harnesses to cat5 cables and custom adapters
2.07a (09/30/19) First prototype for alpha testing, changed size to 150mm x 82mm so that it would fit on top of a slimline ATX power supply, added a 4th cat5 input, added the ability to switch the trigger output between motor/aux/both, changed microcontroller to a PIC16F15376, added an alternate power supply input
2.06 (09/15/19) Added 3rd cat5 input
2.05 (09/14/19) Various layout changes, added ATX power input
2.04 (09/13/19) Minor board layout changes, added ICSP
2.03 (09/11/19) Added Aux outputs
2.02 (09/03/19) Reduced to 2 cat5 inputs
2.01 (08/27/19) Initial release - 90mm x 115mm board 3 cat5 inputs, PIC16F1503 microcontroller, designed to install inside the coin door
2.00 (06/27/19) Pre-Alpha phase / Board Engineering Completed
(06/15/19) Project Conception / Board Engineering Started

Motor Driver Board Rev 1 Update History (Updated August 20, 2019)

1.07 (08/20/19) Separated the shaker motor and wire harness connection, changed wire harnesses to Cat5 cables and custom adapters
1.06 (07/23/19) Initial Public Release
1.05b (07/05/19) Release Candidate, adding green LED, adding motor test switch
1.05a (06/26/19) Second prototype for beta testing, changed size to 53mm x 68mm to match Arduino UNO, reduced to one optoisolator, reduced to one fuse on voltage line only, added Vcc and Gnd test points
1.04 (06/19/19) Added 8 optoisolators and diodes, added fiducials
1.03 (06/12/19) Added 8 trigger sources, added 8 pos DIP switch array, added 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel power connector
1.02 (05/31/19) First prototype for alpha testing, reduced size to 60mm x 60mm, converted most components to SMD, compressed to one connector, added voltage and drive line fuses
1.01 (05/21/19) Initial release - 125mm x 150mm board all TH components, two connectors one for inputs from machine one for outputs to motor, single trigger source
1.00 (02/14/19) Pre-Alpha phase / Board Engineering Completed
(01/09/19) Project Conception / Board Engineering Started

Motor Driver Microchip Program Rev 2 Update History (Updated January 8, 2020)

2.10 (01/08/20) Increased trim pot adjustment range from 50% to 90% motor duty cycle
2.09 (12/09/19) 
Initial Public Release of Premium and Standard versions
2.08 (11/29/19) 
Fixed issues with program resetting
2.07 (11/28/19) 
Release Candidate - Two versions created, one for the Premium Board and one for the Standard Board
2.06 (09/30/19) Beta phase - Finalizing code for motor and aux outputs, set motor to hardware PWM and aux to software PWM

2.05 (09/26/19) Added ability to test Aux output triggers, changed trigger input coding to be optimized for magnets

2.04 (09/23/19) Switched to a PIC16F15376 Microcontroller, testing LED activation
2.03 (09/14/19) Alpha phase - Integration for ATX power supply to power on
2.02 (08/26/19) Pre-Alpha phase - Test PCB and motor by sending 10 PWM pulses of 50% duty cycle
2.01 (08/17/19) Project Conception / Program Engineering Started with PIC16F1503

Motor Driver Microchip Program Rev 1 Update History (Updated August 15, 2019)

1.07 (08/15/19) Updated PWM frequency for better tuning, updated duty cycle ramp up/down time for better feel
1.06 (07/23/19) Initial Public Release

1.05 (06/29/19) Release Candidate - Added provisions for a green LED, set to blink for the 5 second boot up mode then remain steady

1.04 (06/27/19) Beta phase - Set trimmer pot range to 25%-100% duty cycle
1.03 (06/26/19) Removed 5 PWM pulse start up test, added 5 second boot up mode, PWM time reduced by 50%, set switch trigger of motor to 30ms pulse
1.02 (06/24/19) Alpha phase - Reduced to 5 PWM pulses at start, set trimmer pot range to 50%-100% duty cycle, added switch trigger of motor with 100ms pulse
1.01 (06/24/19) Pre-Alpha phase - Test PCB and motor by sending 10 PWM pulses of 50% duty cycle